I'm a senior developer / application architect / sysadmin at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality in Richmond, VA.

I've been developing applications in C#/.NET, PHP, Ruby, Java, and JavaScript for well over a decade. This includes everything from personal weekend projects that unexpectedly became amazingly popular to full-fledged, project-managed, multi-month enterprise rollouts. I have a passion for software development, and I've tinkered with, hacked on, broken, fixed, and become temporarily (or permanently) obsessed with dozens of different languages, platforms, tools, libraries, and frameworks.

Along the way I've also become knowledgeable in Windows and Linux server administration. I can bend IIS, Apache, and nginx to my will, and I've administered various self-hosted applications like Nagios, Redmine, TeamCity, and GitLab. I'm comfortable in MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.

At DEQ I've had opportunities to work both as part of a project team, and also as an independent developer. I'm comfortable with both styles. I'm an experienced remote worker, which I really enjoy and which I've found is my most productive time. I'm good at staying in communication with other team members over email, IM, and phone.

I'm married and I have five kids; it's a great big awesome crazy family and I love it. When I'm not at the computer I am usually swimming, camping, or just trying to keep everybody fed and entertained. I'm also (sometimes grudgingly) handy around the house - I can fix most things and can do a fair amount of wiring, plumbing, tiling, and the like.